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This page will show all of the Signs of Safety tools for a single completely made up family situation. Everyone who logs in to a registered network will see an additional menu item - Doing Private Workspace - that will bring up an editing box just like the one used to create this page, where users can type in or paste words and images to add a genogram, map, words and pictures story, three houses, network membership, safety plans, words and pictures safety plans, and a case trajectory. Please remember that you don't need to use every tool for every situation. Experience using the tools will help you learn when a tool is most helpful and when it's better to spend your time doing something else. 




Spink Family Map


  • On March 14, 2015 when Jessica came home from helping Grandma Pam, Lydia told her she was watching TV with Daddy Ryan when he touched her vagina on the outside of her clothes. Ryan told Jessica it didn't happen but he might have touched her leg as he was reaching for the TV remote. Jessica didn’t know who to believe. 
  • Grandma Pam said she warned Jessica that Ryan pays too much attention to Lydia. He gives her candy and toys and too many hugs. 
  • Lydia told Jane she is scared to be alone with Ryan. 
  • Lydia told Jessica she sometimes feels lonely at daddy Bill and Megan’s house. 
  • On October 4, 2015 Lydia wanted Megan to play with her. Daddy Bill and Megan were watching the Viking’s game. Megan wanted to keep watching. Lydia got mad and daddy’s beer got spilled on Megan's new rug. Daddy spanked Lydia so hard he left his handprint on her bottom. 
  • When Jane heard what happened she put Lydia in foster care with Grandma Pam. 


  • Jane, the social worker, asked Jessica how she could make sure Lydia doesn’t get hurt by Ryan. She talked with daddy William and they agreed that Lydia would live at his house for now.
  • Lydia said she likes playing games, playing in the park, watching movies, and playing with Noah and Emma. She feels safe with Ryan when her mom is there.
  • Lydia likes playing dolls with Megan. 

Complicating Factors:

  • Ryan was arrested for a DUI last New Year’s evening. The judge ordered him to go to treatment. He doesn’t think he needs it.
  • Jessica has had a hard time since her dad died. She just started taking anti-depressant medication. 

Harm and Danger Statements:

  • Even though Jessica did everything she could to make sure nothing more happened between Ryan and Lydia, Jane, Bill, Grandma Sharon and Grandpa Brian worry that Ryan will find a way to touch Lydia and she will be traumatized and never be the same.
  • Even though daddy Bill feels really bad about how hard he spanked Lydia and promises it will never happen again, Jane, Jessica, Grandma Pam and Uncle Mike think he will keep getting mad and if Lydia is around him she will keep getting hurt. 

Bottom Lines:

Jane’s bottom line is that Lydia is never alone with daddy Ryan or daddy Bill until everyone is confident Lydia will be safe. 


Safety Goals:

Jane will be ready to close the child protection case when Jessica, daddy Ryan, and Daddy Bill have created a network of safe adults who know what Jane's worries are, when there are clear rules for everyone to follow to keep Lydia safe and protect both daddies from worries that they might touch or hit  or hurt Lydia, and Jane can see that everyone on the network is checking to make sure the rules are always being followed and the plan is working to keep Lydia safe.  


Safety Scales:

  1. 0 is there's really nothing in place that will stop Daddy Ryan from touching Lydia’s private parts if he wants to and 10 is there's a strong network of people watching carefully to make sure Daddy Ryan never has a chance to touch Lydia in any way that isn't okay. 
  2. 0 is nobody will be surprised if Lydia gets more bruises from Daddy Bill and 10 is the safety network is making sure Daddy Bill is following the rules in the safety plan and is always able to keep his promise not to hurt Lydia again.

Next Steps:

  • Jessica and Bill will ask their parents and brothers to help them make a plan to keep Lydia safe.
  • Ryan doesn't want to bother his family, but his mom asked him why Lydia went to live with daddy Bill. She and Sarah want to help too.
  • Jane will work with Jessica and Bill to figure out what has to happen so Lydia can be safe with mom and dad.
  • Jane will draft a Words and Pictures story for Lydia and work with Jessica, Bill, and Ryan to make sure it's a story they all want to read to Lydia.
  • Jane will read the final Words and Pictures story to Lydia and the safety network people work Jessica, Bill, and Ryan invite to help them keep Lydia safe. Jane will help them to make a safety plan for Lydia.

Three Houses

images from the MyThreeHouses iPad app

House of Good Things

House of Worries 

House of Dreams 


Words and Pictures


Safety Network

Daddy Ryan’s network

Daddy Ryan, email, phone number

Mom, email, phone number

Grandma Pam, email, phone number

Uncle Mike, email, phone number

Aunt Sarah, email, phone number


Daddy Bill’s network

Daddy Bill, email, phone number

Mom, email, phone number

Grandma Sharon, email, phone number

Uncle Bryan, email, phone number

Daddy Bill’s sister, , email, phone number


Daddy Ryan’s Adult Safety Plan


1. Daddy Ryan won’t be alone in any room with Lydia.

2. If Mom will be gone when Lydia is home, Daddy Ryan or Mom will call someone on the safety network to come over to help make sure there are no more misunderstandings about Daddy Ryan’s relationship with Lydia.

3. Before Daddy Ryan buys something for Lydia he will make sure Mom thinks it’s okay.

4. Daddy Ryan will only kiss Lydia on her cheek or the top of her head.

5. Lydia will hug Daddy Ryan when she wants to hug him. Daddy Ryan won’t hug Lydia unless she wants a hug. 


Daddy Bill’s Adult Safety Plan


1. Daddy Bill won’t be alone in any room with Lydia.

2. If Megan will be gone when Lydia is at the house or with Daddy Bill, Daddy Bill will call someone on the safety network to come over to help Daddy Bill make sure to keep his promise never to spank Lydia too hard again.

3. Daddy Bill and Megan won’t spank Lydia. 

4. If Lydia misbehaves when she’s with Daddy Bill, Daddy Bill will talk with Mom before doing anything about Lydia’s behavior. If Daddy Bill can’t get in touch with Mom, and can’t wait, he will call Grandma Sharon or Grandpa Bryan. 


Lydia’s Safety Objects

Chutes and Ladders was one of Lydia’s favorite games when she was little, and the Disney Princess figures Daddy Ryan got her for the game are still really special, so Lydia has decided to keep the pink princess figure on the TV at Mom’s house, the yellow princess figure on the TV at Daddy Bill’s house, and the blue princess figure on the TV at Grandma Pam’s house when she’s feeling safe. If Lydia takes any of these figures off of any of the TV’s, everyone will know to check with Lydia about what she’s feeling and to call a safety network meeting so everyone can do what’s needed to help Lydia feel safe again. 


Words and Pictures Safety Plan 




Reunification and Case Closing Trajectory


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