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Our best hope is to have collaborative networking become the heart of this website. All users can register one or more networks under the Home or Doing menu item. Once registered, they'll get an email with the user name and password for that network. They can share this user name and password with the rest of the network, so everyone in the network can log in to see and edit the same private page under Doing Private Workspace


Each Doing Private Workspace starts with a blank list of the Signs of Safety® tools that go into building a strong safety network and safety plan around vulnerable children. The Doing page shows an example of most of these tools. Just as your mechanic doesn't use all the tools in his or her toolbox when fixing your car, users don't need to use all the tools to keep children safe. What is needed in every case is a clear description of the worries and the strengths, a summary of the worries written in a way that begins to build up the strengths, goals that describe how things will be when the worries are no longer worries, scales to use to measure progress toward the goals, and ideas for small next steps for moving closer to the goal. Most situations will also need some sort of written plan that lists those helping with the plan, defines rules for insuring the children's safety and well-being, and identifies triggers and red flags for network members to look for and respond to.


Social workers will need to register each of their family networks separately so each network has it's own private, but shareable, space. Parents or relatives who want to use this approach to protect children, or demonstrate to their local child protection system that they can keep their children safe, can also register, use the tools, and invite others they trust into their private space to help them plan for and demonstrate safety. 


If a network gets stuck, all participants will be able to hire Dan or Terry to coach them through the process. Social workers whose agencies have a contract for coaching or training with Safety Planning, Inc. will know how to access our coaching. Other social work agencies, parents, relatives, or kin will be able to pay for coaching in advance through the website. While we set up this process and learn to do it well, we're offering a special introductory price of $100 for coaching networks through their safety planning process. Our best hope is to set this site up well enough, and explain the Signs of Safety process clearly enough, that most networks will be able to use our collaborative space to quickly put safety around the children they're worried about without needing our coaching. Then child by child, we'll get ever closer to all children growing up safely with their own family without any scars.


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