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Terry Besaw is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker with 25 years of child protection experience as a county agency line worker and supervisor. He worked 10 more years as a child safety consultant for the Minnesota Department of Human Services (MN-DHS) and was with Safety Planning, Inc for three years before deciding to retire in March of 2019. 


Terry still loves Signs of Safety and is passionate about wanting child welfare agencies to find ways to do more of the things that work, for children, their families, and their social workers. Terry's great gift to Dan during his three years with Safety Planning, Inc. is in teaching the critical importance of practice. Terry always wanted to learn, more than he always wanted to practice. Like musical instruments and so many other things in this world, it's possible to learn to do Signs of Safety well without a teacher, but even when we think we've found a good enough teacher, we can't learn it without practice. The more deliberately we practice, the faster we learn and the better we can get.  




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