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Dan Koziolek is a licensed Signs of Safety trainer and consultant who began a consulting relationship with Andrew Turnell in 2005. He led a full implementation of the Signs of Safety for over 10 years for a Minnesota county. During that time, the county’s budget was cut repeatedly, forcing a more than 40% reduction in the use of purchased child welfare placement and treatment services. In the midst of this, twelve month repeat maltreatment determinations were first reduced and then stopped entirely for four straight years. As assessment social workers developed skill and confidence in safety planning, the number of cases passed on for ongoing casework were reduced by 40%. As the agency transitioned from responding to the latest report, to identifying and building safety to all known harm and danger, the number of child protection reports being made each year stabilized. The number of children in out-of-home placement hit a 20 year low. Social workers grew happier with the county’s child welfare services and social worker skill and satisfaction increased significantly. Even though the budget cuts were never fun, the transition from services to safety planning led Dan to an incredible level of confidence in the value and effectiveness of safety planning and a strong desire to do far more to help spread the Signs of Safety throughout Minnesota and across the United States.

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