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Safety planning is where all of our work with the family comes to life. The unique complexity of each family's situation along with the realities of our workload can make the work challenging and frustrating at times. This hand-on workshop is designed to give practitioners practical, real-world strategies to quickly get to the heart of the safety planning work with families.
There will be a heavy emphasis on safety planning within the context of concerns around drug and alcohol use. Other focus areas: 
  • Differences between immediate & long-term safety planning
  • Dealing with denial
  • Engaging children in the process
  • The use of the Family Safety Planning Journal
  • Engaging the Safety Network
  • Words & Pictures Explanations
  • Words & Pictures Safety Plans
  • Developing rigorous Safety Plans
  • Monitoring, testing and refining Safety Plans
  • Putting plans to the test - safely 'pressure-testing' plans
  • Creating timelines and bottom lines to drive us toward closure
This workshop will be held in Chaska, MN, just west of the Twin Cities.

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